Our Approach

ACUTE Rehab Approach

Most of the patients we treat have suffered a serious illness or injury including but not limited to stroke, neurological disorders, hip fractures, joint replacements, trauma, amputation, cardiac conditions and pulmonary conditions.

No matter their condition, the quick and effective recovery of our patients is our priority at Acute Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano. We accomplish this with personalized, results-driven treatment consisting of many specialized, cutting edge programs in combination on a case-by-case basis for each client. The difference between choosing an intensive inpatient hospital like ours versus an ordinary rehabilitation center is that we provide intensive, high quality therapy that gets excellent results. Our patients receive therapy at least three hours a day five days a week. You will know that you are receiving the very best, professional, current treatment throughout your treatment plan. We’ll work hard to help you work hard and get quickly onto the road to recovery.

Our team consists of qualified and passionate rehabilitation experts, who work together to determine the best treatment course of action for each patient and then execute that plan, to the patient’s direct and lasting benefit. Every step of the way, we focus on the results desired, working together to usher each patient to strength, function and independence.