Image: Everything will be good. Selective focus on a radiant doctor smiling while trying to put her retired female patient in a cheerful frame of mind during a regular visit at home.

New Technology and Occupational Therapy

New Technology and Occupational Therapy Technology is revolutionizing how seniors receive and practice occupational therapy. Many seniors want and need to do daily activities to care for themselves. Unfortunately, due to complications that develop with age, performing once effortless actions become challenging. Occupational therapy at skilled nursing facilities and skilled nursing hospitals helps seniors learn…

Image: senior-learning-how-to-use-crutches

Rehab Hospitals and What They Provide

Understanding Rehabilitation Hospitals For individuals looking for rehabilitation options for themselves or a loved one following certain medical events, understanding what services rehabilitation hospitals offer and how they compare to other treatment centers is an important part of making the right treatment decision. Rehabilitation hospitals are inpatient hospitals where patients can go to receive acute…


Home Health vs. Skilled Nursing: Is One More Beneficial Than the Other

Home Health vs. Skilled Nursing: Is One More Beneficial Than the Other According to an AARP study, 95% of seniors wish to stay at home for as long as possible, even if doing so means hiring outside help for day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, life circumstances such as injury and illness often necessitate 24-hour skilled nursing care.…


Occupational Therapy: ‘Good Job!’

By Linda Stewart Ball When Hope Gillis tells new patients she’s their occupational therapist, she sometimes gets a puzzled look. “I’m retired,” they’ll say. “I don’t have an occupation anymore.” Then Gillis, an occupational therapist at Accel Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano, kindly sets them straight: “Well, yes you do (have an occupation). It’s your daily…