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Senior Communities Specifically Combat The Nature Of Loneliness In Isolation

Senior Communities Specifically Combat The Nature Of Loneliness In Isolation Winter, both literally and figuratively, can be a lonely time. This is especially true in someone living alone, growing old alone, without frequent visits and calls from friends and loved ones. Their heartache falls heavy on our shoulders. The pandemic has dramatically increased physical isolation…

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Summer-Friendly Vacations

Summer-Friendly Vacations for Seniors With Disabilities For older adults who wish to travel alone or with their loved ones, details are key. Critical elements such as comfort during movement, assistance for persons with disabilities, and wheelchair access make all the difference. Indeed, traveling as a senior with disabilities raises multiple questions. For example, what should…

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New Technology and Occupational Therapy

New Technology and Occupational Therapy Technology is revolutionizing how seniors receive and practice occupational therapy. Many seniors want and need to do daily activities to care for themselves. Unfortunately, due to complications that develop with age, performing once effortless actions become challenging. Occupational therapy at skilled nursing facilities and skilled nursing hospitals helps seniors learn…