Meet Our PT Team!

Physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapy assistants (PTAs) improve quality of life through exercise, functional task training, and patient education. By maximizing physical activity, a PT can help their patients improve mobility and function, manage pain and chronic conditions, recover from injury or prevent future injury, and improve quality of life. At Accel, our physical therapists work hard to increase our patients’ independence with functional mobility, such as walking and transferring. Our goal is to help patients be as safe and as independent as possible so that they can return home.

Image: Chelsea Fox

Chelsea Fox | Physical Therapist, Chief Therapy Officer

Chelsea Fox

Chelsea is the Chief Therapy Officer at Accel. She began her career as a physical therapist in 2008 and came onboard at Accel as a staff therapist in 2013 when the hospital opened its doors. She transitioned to Chief Therapy Officer in 2018.

“I love working with rehab patients and being in a manager’s role now has given me the opportunity to positively impact patient care in new and exciting ways. I am blessed to work with the best therapy crew around, who have such a passion for maximizing patients’ recovery and independence.” Chelsea is also specialized in lymphedema treatment, which is a niche area of therapy that helps people decrease excess fluid in their arms, legs and even trunk.

Image: Maisha Parker

Maisha Parker | Physical Therapist

Maisha Parker

Maisha’s passion for physical therapy started in high school while volunteering at a PT clinic and then working as a rehab tech in outpatient. Her mother was a nurse and encouraged Maisha to continue with the field. She graduated from Florida A&M with her physical therapy degree over 20 years ago.

“I have enjoyed working with adults in multiple settings including home healthcare, acute care, outpatient, skilled nursing, and rehab. Helping patients reach their goalsand improve their lives is what I find most rewarding.”

Image: John Enerio

John Enerio | Physical Therapist

John Enerio

John earned his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy in the Philippines in 2001 and began working as a volunteer PT for 2 years before moving to the United States. He has been working as a PT for over 20 years now in various settings, including skilled nursing facilities, outpatient, home health, and inpatient rehab.

“Seeing our patients improve and get back to their prior level of function is very rewarding for me. Hearing patients and their family members appreciate what we do is priceless, so I will continue to work as a therapist for as long as I can.”

Image: Michaela Hard

Michaela Hardy | Physical Therapy Assistant

Michaela Hardy

Michaela acquired her physical therapy assistant (PTA) degree from Itawamba Community College in Mississippi and has been practicing since 2016. Immediately out of school, she started working for a combined facility with skilled nursing, outpatient, and inpatient care. Michaela says she realized that she enjoyed working in the inpatient rehab setting most and began to pursue working in an acute inpatient rehab facility full time. She joined the Accel team part time in January 2021 and full time the following March.

“I chose physical therapy as a career because I have always loved helping people. It is rewarding for me to see patients recover, encourage them when they may be at their lowest, and to be a friend and help in their loneliest times.”