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Accel Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano is a 48-bed inpatient rehabilitation facility offering cutting edge comprehensive acute rehabilitative care in an immaculate, comfortable Plano hospital in the north Dallas, Texas, area.

At Accel, our main priority is to provide top-notch physical rehabilitation treatment programs, designed to restore patients to the active and self-reliant life they want and deserve. Utilizing state of the art equipment, rehabilitation technology, and superior quality care, our team of highly skilled physicians and therapists will design personalized care programs.

Comfort for our patients in an aesthetically pleasing environment is another Accel priority. Our 45,000-square-foot hospital is a spacious, lovely environment in which to rehabilitate and heal. Rooms offer the feature comforts of a resort, including modern day technologies and connectivity. Furnishings, meals and amenities are all designed to contribute to your comfort and pleasure as you regain mobility and strength and prepare to return home.

Sharing our building is Victory Medical Center Plano, specializing in spine, hip and knee surgery. Our relationship with the Victory Medical Center benefits both patients and healthcare providers in many ways. The move from surgery to rehabilitation is facilitated for patients by the proximity of the two facilities, and physicians are able to follow and closely monitor patients post-surgery.

Accel Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano is your resource for comprehensive acute rehabilitation. We work hard to set the highest standards for patient care by protecting privacy, listening to needs, respecting preferences and involving family in the rehabilitation process. Everything we do is designed to efficiently put patients back in control of an active and independent life at our Plano Hospital.

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To provide superior clinical care, rehabilitation, wellness, and supportive services that meet the wants, needs, and expectations of our patients and residents – while achieving “quadruple aim” goals of better individual health care, better population health, lower costs and improved clinician experience – and drive performance and outcomes that are consistent with the demands of acute care partners and payor organizations.


To provide integrated post-acute health care, accountable care, services and technology that reduce rehospitalizations, generate quality clinical outcomes and customer service, navigate patients cost-effectively through post-acute care, and reduce costly outliers for providers, while developing industry-leading programs and capabilities and growing relationships with strategic partners.

  • New program allows resident to have an active role in self-management of their diabetes and improve their overall health
  • Provide excellent resources in the form of teaching tools about disease, nutrition, exercise and medications
  • Helping seniors live a richer, healthier life
  • Simplifying the lives of people with diabetes and their caregivers
  • Partnering with Arkray gives a personalized approach to cost effective blood glucose testing and management that is aimed at helping better control diabetes

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